How does this work?

We want to work with the model railway community to make the kits it wants. Obviously we have some ideas about the next kits we'd like to produce, but we also want to know what you'd like us to make. That's where this site comes in.

If you have an idea for a kit, that you and other modellers would like, you can write a proposal for it here. Once you've submitted the proposal and we've approved it, you can tell your friends who you think might like it and ask them to support it.

Once there's critical mass for a proposal we'll do a feasibility study. If that looks positive we'll get in touch to invite you and all of the supporters to pre-order the kits using the Kickstarter service or our own shop. Once we've got enough pre-orders to cover our costs we'll get cracking.

We're concentrating initially on industrial and narrow gauge prototypes for three key reasons;

  • They're smaller and thus easier to scan and make into 3D printed kits
  • We think they're under represented in the market place
  • You have to start somewhere...
But you could propose anything at all, trams, lineside items, traction engines, even people and figures.

Happy proposal making!

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